Guidelines & Tips for the Adobe Forums

Version 10



    Adobe Forum Platform Guidelines

    We are a global community that helps people deepen their knowledge of Adobe products and services and connects learners to teachers. Because we are a community used by people of all ages, cultures, and by people at work, we carefully moderate the content in these forums.  Please help us keep them a safe and welcoming place for all members and abide by these community guidelines.   


    Be Respectful: This is a friendly & inviting community- any content that is not respectful of others will not be allowed. No content that contains nudity, vulgar language, graphic violence, or content that promotes illegal activity or self-harm is allowed. If it would belong in a movie rated R (or higher), this isn't the right place for it.  Consider instead showcasing more mature or adult-themed work on Behance.


    Be Open: We are a global community. Be respectful of different cultures, religions, and identities of all participants. Language or media that demeans an individual or group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation is not welcome here.


    Be Supportive:  We are a community designed to promote and encourage creative expression. Keep your comments on other people's work constructive and encouraging.


    Be Safe:  Please do not share your personal information (like home address, phone number, email address, serial number, or credit card information).


    Be Yourself: Only upload your own work or content that you have permission to use.  Uploading other people's work as if it is your own is copyright infringement.


    For more information about what you can and can’t do on our platform, check out our Terms of Use


    Usage Best Practices

    • Choose the best location for your discussion
      • Please post in the forum that's most closely related to your concern, even though posting in the first forum you see may be tempting. This is your best chance to get a quick and correct answer. Many communities have highly targeted sub-forums.
    • Supply pertinent information for quicker answers
      • The more information you supply about your situation, the better equipped other community members will be to answer. Consider including the following in your question:
      • Adobe product and version number
      • Operating system and version number
      • The full text of any error message(s)
      • What you were doing when the problem occurred
      • Screenshots of the problem
      • Computer hardware, such as CPU; GPU; amount of RAM; etc.


    Report bugs and submit product feature requests/feedback

    Although you will encounter many supportive and like-minded professionals (including a variety of Adobe representatives), the Adobe communities are not the correct place to report software bugs or post suggestions on commercial products and services. To suggest changes, report software bugs, or submit feedback about Adobe products, fill out this form.


    Self-promotion & Third Party services (addendum to Terms of Use 5.2 L)

    • The community forums do not allow posts, screen names, or private messages that include spam or advertisements. However, services or products (free or paid) that meet a need can be promoted in replies to questions, if and only if they are legitimate solutions to the customer's question. When directing customers to these services or products, you must be explicit if they are free or paid. Promotions will be considered as spam if they are not directly related with the original question.*
    • If you are interested in posting a brand new thread about a service or product that may be beneficial to others, be sure to provide context to why you are posting it (i.e. you have noticed it being a top issue and feel this resource will help other users). You must create a discussion rather than a question in this case and be very explicit that it is not an advertisement, but rather a helpful resource for others. Please also be clear if it is free or paid. You are encouraged to work with your segment's social lead in these cases to make sure your resource is appropriate (and gets promoted properly).*
    • * These guidelines apply to users who have been users for 3+ months, have at least 50 points, or are Badged members.