Troubleshooting: Buttons not working in 16.2/16.3 version

Version 4

    Who is this for?


    If you are observing the issue where the any of the buttons in the app are not working ( for e.g bottom bar buttons to change view mode, add comments, share, view bookmarks etc) or the 'Sign In' or 'Create new account' buttons in the Document Cloud or Export PDF/ Create PDF pages.


    What is the issue?


    Some screen filtering apps that control the screen brightness such as Twilight, Lux, etc create a screen overlay that obscures the touches. While these apps are running, the buttons do not intercept the touches.


    What is the solution?


    Excluding Adobe Acrobat from the list of apps to be filtered. This turns off screen filtering when Adobe Acrobat is running.The steps for the some popular apps are:



    • Open the Twilight app. If the app is already running in the background, tap on 'Settings' and then scroll to the bottom to find 'More settings'.
    • Tap on the check mark next to 'Exclude apps from filtering' to turn filtering on.
    • Tap on the text 'Exclude apps from filtering' and tap on the check mark next to 'Adobe Acrobat'.
    • Press back. Kill the Adobe Acrobat app from Recent apps and relaunch it.

    Screenshot_2016-06-30-13-00-27_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2016-06-30-12-59-30_com.urbandroid.lux.png Screenshot_2016-06-30-12-59-35_com.urbandroid.lux.png Screenshot_2016-06-30-13-00-03_com.urbandroid.lux.png


    Lux Lite/Auto brightness

    • Open the app or swipe down the notification panel.
    • On the Lux dashboard, tap on the Night/Astro mode button(three stars) to turn it off while Adobe Acrobat is running. You can turn this back off after you have used Adobe Acrobat app.

    Screenshot_2016-06-30-12-58-48_com.vitocassisi.luxlite.png Screenshot_2016-06-30-12-58-38_com.vitocassisi.luxlite.png


    If you are using some other screen filtering app, please try to disable the screen filtering for Adobe Acrobat in the Settings or turn off the screen filtering for the duration that you are using Adobe Acrobat. If the problem still persists, please write to