Asking Better Questions (PhoneGap Forum)

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    Search first

    Your question may have been asked before. Please search for a solution before posting a new discussion. You can search in the "Find Answers" section, or at the upper-right of your screen where it says "Search forums."

    Note: Searching for a solution with common search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo! is also very efficient!


    Ask: Include relevant information

    Make sure that you include enough information about your issue so that folks can provide the answer you need. See below for tips that can help you get a useful response. Select your product from the menu or dropdown.


    Keep it friendly

    This is a community-driven forum with input from fellow users, as well as Adobe staff. This is a space for learning and helping, and we'd like to keep it a friendly environment for all.


    Tips for effective posting

    Title: Clearly describe the main problem in the title, but be brief. For example, "Photoshop Elements crashes on launch since updating to version 13" or "Output doesn't look correct when sending PDF to Fiery RIP." (Titles such and "Help" or "Urgent" aren't descriptive enough.)


    Message body: Include details, such as:

    • Expected Behaviour
    • Actual Behaviour
    • Reproduce Scenario (including but not limited to)
      • Steps to Reproduce
      • Platform and Version (eg. Android 5.0 or iOS 9.2.1)
      • Testing on Device or Simulator
      • (Android) What device vendor (e.g. Samsung, HTC, Sony...)
      • PhoneGap CLI version, platform version and plugin versions

        That is, run the commands:

        phonegap -v
        phonegap platforms
        phonegap plugins


      • Sample Code that illustrates the problem
      • Logs taken while reproducing problem


    When you follow these basic steps, the community can try to help answer your question more quickly. If you get a reply that answers your question, please take a moment to mark it as correct by visiting the thread and clicking the green star 'Correct' icon next to the answer. You're helping to make it easier for future users with your same issue to find the solution!