Troubleshooting Typekit issues reported in Adobe Muse

Version 4

    Error 400 when publishing or exporting a site

    See this doc for troubleshooting this issue:

    Limitations of using Typekit fonts offline


    There are some typical restrictions to using the Typekit fonts.

    Both the Typekit Creative Cloud collection (the ones with the green Tk icon) and the Google Fonts served by Typekit(called WebFonts, with the yellow Wf icon) can be used off-line, once activated. So there's an off-line version of the font stored on your system (somewhat discretely), to let you work with the font when not connected to the Internet. But you can't pick any new fonts to be activated, when not on-line – quite obvious, I guess.

    Then there's another snag: you can't preview your web-related Typekit fonts off-line, in a browser. Muse constructs your webpage to use fonts being served remotely by Typekit (as if the website would be on the host). However, you can solve that by adding "localhost" as an authorized domain to your font kit. Check out this Help page if you need to go that far.

    BTW: the WebFonts collection as served by Typekit is not the complete "open font" collection as served by Google.

    Error message stating that Typekit fonts are not included with subscription


    Licensing issue. Ask the user to write to for help and assistance.

    muse publish error: exceeded typekit limit for

    See response from Abhishek Gulati in this forum post:

    Issues with Typekit on Internet Explorer 11


    See the solution in Muse Site is not working in Internet Explorer

    Check the compatibility mode settings and report to with that info.

    Typekit network error 403

    This was a business catalyst issue specific to a certain version of Muse. See Vivek's response in for more info.

    Use Typekit fonts in preview mode

    See response from Abhishek in

    TypeKit's fonts don't show in my site

    See the solutions in these forum posts: and

    Your issue doesn't match any of the above?

    Use the following procedure to send your information to ( or (

    1. Close Muse
    2. Download the file MuseLogPrefs.xml from and MuseLogSetting.xml from and save them to your Documents folder
    3. Restart Muse, open your Muse file, and preview/publish/export (whatever triggers the error)
    4. Delete the downloaded files (MuseLogPrefs.xml and MuseLogSettings.xml)
    5. Send the file MuseLog.txt from your Documents folder to ( or (