White page when visiting Adobe Stock

Version 1

    When navigating to the Adobe Stock website several customers are reporting that the site does not display properly and customers are only seeing a white page. This blocks customers from searching or purchasing Adobe Stock items. Mac users have reported the issue with Chrome and Safari. Windows users have reported the issue with Chrome.


    Workaround 1:

    One user reported that an update to the OSX Sierra enabled the ability to sync desktop and documents to the iCloud Drive documents folders. Disabling this feature resolved the white page issue for this customer.


    Workaround 2:

    Our engineers and staff have been unable to reproduce this issue. The problem seems to be with the SSL CA root cert globalsign and Mac OS Sierra or Windows operating systems. We are recommending that if the above workaround doesn't resolve this issue that customers please follow the instructions provided here: Delete CRL and OCSP Cache



    We encourage your feedback regarding these workarounds. Please post a comment of the workaround you tried and whether or not it was successful and we will continue to monitor the issue.



    Wendy Bradbury

    Sr. Lead Product Specialist, Adobe Stock

    a.k.a. Evil Bug Queen