Please Provide a .muse File to Help Us Fixing Your Issue!

Version 5

    If you as a Muse user encounter problems, it is very often necessary, to have a closer look at your .muse file. Screenshots or links often aren’t enough, because some issues may have different causes, and it would end up in endless question and answer games, to find the correct procedure to fix the issue (and the helping user can’t be sure, if the questioner really follows the suggested steps correctly. )


    Therefore it is helpful – and in many cases indispensable –, to let us have a look into the Muse project (.muse file).


    If this is necessary and you are asked for providing the .muse file, please do the following:

    • Create a new site with only one page and only a few elements, which demonstrate your issue, or
    • Reduce your existing site to only one typical page, containing a few elements, which demonstrate your issue. (This is necessary, because it saves download- and analysing-time; Nobody wants to crawl through 34 Muse pages to find an issue in the footer of page 32 ).


    • Upload this .muse file (without assets) to Dropbox or a similar file sharing service, and provide the download link in your forum thread.
    • Or use your Creative Cloud account to provide the file:
    1. Go to the CC Desktop Application on your machine and click onto the gear wheel next to your avatar:

    2. Choose „Creative Cloud Files“ –> a window with the directory of your Creative Cloud folder will appear:

    3. Copy the .muse file into this folder (which will be synchronised with your files in the cloud) and wait, until the upload is ready (an icon next to the file entry informs you, whether the process is still active or finished):

    4. When ready, right click onto the file and choose „Publish Link“ (translation from German language; the exact wording in English may be different). You will now be connected to your Creative Cloud account, where you can copy the link of your file.
    5. Post this link in the forum, to let us download and inspect your file.


    • One last annotation: Please cooperate! Do your very best, to reduce your .muse file as much as possible (delete pages, images, elements), so that finally only the „misbehaving elements“ are remaining. This has the pleasing side effect, that you may be able, to detect the cause of your problem by yourself – what is the most effective kind of assistance, we all can give each other!


    Enjoy Muse!