What's new in the October 2017 release of Animate CC

Version 1

    The latest update to Animate CC comes bundled with a number of exciting features.  Also, many bugs reported here and on other platforms have been also addressed in the latest update. While I encourage you to try the latest update, please ensure that you have a backup copy of your projects in the very minute chance that things do not go as expected.


    Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) is not a supported OS for Adobe Animate. However, in their initial testing on the latest Mac OS the team has found no major issues. Use your discretion when moving to the new OS.


    A summary of features is available in this article.What's new and changed in the 2017 release of Animate CC


    New features:


    Layer Depth and Camera Enhancements : As a 2D game developer, when you want to introduce parallax scrolling, add heads up display, or introduce camera at runtime, you require advanced layers. Animate now introduces layer depth along with enhanced camera tool to help you create such engaging content with ease.


    Timeline Enhancements:

    • Display time along with the frame numbers
    • Extend or reduce time for a selected frame span
    • Scale frame span with frames per second (fps)
    • Convert blank spans to 1s, 2s, or 3s
    • Pan through animation on stage


    Actions Code Wizard: If you are a new Animate designer or an animator, who is not familiar with writing code, actions code wizard is just for you. When creating animations for HTML5 canvas, you can add code using actions wizard without having to write any code. To open the wizard, click Windows > Actions and click Add using wizard button in the Actions dialog box. For example, when you want to start an animation at the click of a button.


    Enhanced Ease Presets:  With enhanced custom ease presets, now you can manage the speed and size of your animations with ease. Preset and custom ease presets are now extended to property-wise easing.


    Texture Atlas Enhancements: Animate developers can orchestrate animations and export them as texture atlas to Unity game engine or any other favorite game engines. Developers can use the sample plug-in for Unity and also customize it for other game engines.


    Convert to other document types: Now, you can use easy-to-use document type converter to convert your animation from one document type to other document type as per your device requirement.


    Component parameters panel: As an Animate designer, you can import external components to Animate and use them to build animations. To make this workflow easier, Animate now provides component parameters properties in an exclusive panel.