Expression and Scripting Improvements in After Effects CC (October 2017).pdf

Version 1

    This article documents the new expression and scripting functionality included in in the October 2017 release of After Effects CC (version 15.0).


    Summary of contents:

    • Expression access to data in JSON files
      • Using JSON files (.json)
      • About the motion graphics JSON schema (.mgJSON)
      • Expression reference
        • Footage sourceText attribute
        • Footage sourceData attribute
        • Footage dataValue() method
        • Footage dataKeyCount() method
        • Footage dataKeyTimes() method
        • Footage dataKeyValues() method
      • Building a custom expression function library in a JSON file
    • Expression access to path points on masks, Bezier shapes, and brush strokes
      • Expression reference
        • Path points() method
        • Path inTangents() method
        • Path outTangents() method
        • Path isClosed() method
        • Path pointOnPath() method
        • Path tangentOnPath() method
        • Path normalOnPath() method
        • Path createPath() method
      • Examples
    • Create Nulls From Paths scriptUI panel
    • Motion Graphics templates scripting access
      • Property canAddToMotionGraphicsTemplate() method
      • Property addToMotionGraphicsTemplate() method
      • CompItem motionGraphicsTemplateName attribute
      • CompItem exportAsMotionGraphicsTemplate() method
      • CompItem openInEssentialGraphics() method
    • Scripting bug fixes