Uninstall 2144 Game Center

Version 1

    Use these instructions to remove 2144 Game Center from your computer


    Uninstall 2144 Game Center

    1. Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features
    2. Double-click on 2144 Game Center
    3. In the 2144 Game Center dialog window that displays, click OK
    4. In the next 2144 Game Center dialog, click the Continue to uninstall button on the left
    5. 2144 Game Center will be uninstalled.
    6. In the completion dialog, click the Uninstallation Completed button, or the red X in the upper right corner to close the dialog window
    7. Confirm 2144 Game Center has been uninstalled by refreshing the Control Panel > Programs and Features view

    Reset IE Home page


    It’s possible the Internet Explorer Home page was modified.  To reset it:

    1. Launch Internet Explorer and click on the Gear icon in the top right
    2. From the menu, select Internet Options
    3. In the General tab, change the entry in the Home Page section
    4. Then click OK to save changes