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Header text wrapping should be turned on by default

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Everyone is loving this new option to wrap header text in columns, details in here: Column Settings


"Lets you wrap the header text in Freeform tables to make headers more readable and tables more shareable. This is useful for .pdf rendering and for metrics with long names."


But again cool new setting that is hidden in the column settings. Not all users are finding these settings easily. This is also that kind of setting that I'm having hard to find situation where you wouldn't want to use this? It doesn't make any sense to me, can someone explain when you would want to hide header text? Ok, maybe if you have looooong names for metrics or have dozens of breakdowns or something weird, however, these situations are one in a million and that's why it would be wiser to have this enabled by default and you would always have the option to change it if needed.


Even better would be to have option to change all the default settings for Workspace in admin section, but wanted this header text wrapping to be own idea, because it should be no-brainer, or am I missing something? Vote, comment, agree, disagree...


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