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Possibility to make workspace project as public dashboard

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In big companies there are lots of people that would want to see data daily, but not make sense to add thousands new users for Adobe and email reports aren't so effective. Would be fun (and important) feature to make workspace projects available for non-logged-in people (directly or some kind of embed feature). Maybe you could choose option to "public link" and not "share link", and with the public link anyone could open the dashboard with read-only status. Of course would be important to have possiblity to share these with unique password (but no need to have Adobe account) or only in certain ip-addresses.


(This idea was on the old forum, but after the migration I couldn't find it anymore so I wrote a new one)


Ps. this idea Analysis Workspace: Full-screen mode with auto-switcher between panels is also great if we get these public dashboards.


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