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Workspace Accessibility Improvement

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Recently, I was working with a user with a vision impairment, who also uses a screen reader for day-to-day work. When walking through his usage of Adobe Workspace via screen-sharing, it appeared that many components in Workspace were not compatible with his screen reader. For example, the links on the pop-up following “Create New Project” were not scraped/did not include alt-text, rendering him unable to create a net-new Workspace. As well, he was unable to expand or collapse panels, build visualizations (not detected by the screen reader), or dragging + dropping dimensions.


The immediate reporting need is addressed as Report Builder and Data Warehouse are accessible, but I thought it might be a good idea to expand accessibility features to Workspace itself. I’m unaware of what Adobe has in their pipeline regarding making Workspace more accessible to users with impairments, and would be happy to start the conversation if it has not been started already.


My understanding is the expectation, at least for short term, would be the inclusion of accessibility features such as alt-text on links that can be detected by a screen reader.


Any thoughts or additional feedback? Thanks!


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