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Adobe, give us our (analytics) data!

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i really love Adobe Analytics Workspace, great flexibility and easy to use. and new users i give access to Workspace really love the UI where they can drag and drop just whatever they want. but: as an admin I have no control or information what the users are doing. maybe he is doing something wrong and needs my help?


good news: Adobe knows everything - they have Adobe Analytics installed on workspace (Report Suite eg. ""), means they are recording every click a user is doing in Adobe Analytics Workspace (and other tools of Adobe Analytics). Just one example a call looks like when i create a new project in Workspace


IDEA: I kindly ask Adobe to create a VRS for each company on the main report suite (eg. ""). the segment applied would be either "company" or "billing_customer_ecc_id" which are both unique for our company. the access should be granted to admins and/or supported users only.


Benefit for me as admin/supported user

- See what users are doing in an easy interface (compared to the old log files)

- analyse what reports suites, dimension/metrics are used by business

- Set alerts when users use certain dimensions/metrics

and much more


Adobe, can you please give us "our" data? You would help us a lot! Thanks!


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