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New Segment Container

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We sell multiple product categories on our site.  For example: Toys, Baby, Grocery.  A user may place an order that has a product from each category.  For example:


Order Revenue = 500

Toys = 100

Baby = 300

Grocery = 100


If want to see Revenue by Category, I would run a product report against our revenue metric.  Lets say I wanted to create a calculated metric for 'Grocery Revenue'.  My most granular option is this:


Segment Container: Hit

Segment Variable: Products  = Grocery

Metric = Revenue


The problem with this is that the 'hit' container would include all revenue in this order.  So the value would be 500 instead of 100 (unless I broke it down by products).  It would be great to add an additional container that would allow us to 'filter' on the variable in the container depending on the report I am viewing.  This would give us (Visitor, Visit, Hit, Filter) containers and would increase flexibility when creating reports/dashboards etc.


Let me know your thoughts.




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