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Workspace: Variable Attribution/Expiration

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I see many Workspace (or standard Reports) users drilling down from things like Marketing Channel Last Touch reports down to other reports like "Referrers." The problem here is that the user is drilling down from one report/var that might be Last Touch, 30 Days to another variable that is Last Touch, Visit. This causes breakdowns that do not make sense to the average user.


As a consultant, I have answered question as to why things like this do not make sense for more than 10 years (i.e. the basic idea that not all things should be broken down by one another just because they can be), and this comes up on a regular basis to this very day.



  1. When hovering over a dimension or clicking the "i" icon, integrate admin console data as to the attribution and expiration of that dimension (to at least make people aware of a possible difference if they look
  2. When one dimension is dragged under another (for drill-down) notify the user with a message as to the fact that they are using dimensions with different attributions and/or expirations.


#2 may be difficult to execute since dimensions can be used in segments and other complex ways. But at a minimum #1would speed things up so that a user (who has admin access) doesn't have to go to the admin console to look up this information.


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