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Make Adobe Analytics Online Help Documentation Like Wikipedia

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Something I've continued to notice is that the online Adobe Experience Cloud Help documentation suffers from having pages and processes that are either out of date, misleading or even lacking in valuable content or detail.  In a social media-influenced community of users, you still have hosted documentation that does not provide Adobe Analytics users or Admins the ability to provide direct feedback or contribute content.  If you were to make it possible to crowd source updates on the help pages in a similar fashion to Wikipedia, you would have a more robust and relevant site where something as simple as the out-of-phase content outlining certain processes could be updated or called out in a variety of ways.

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  • The user could click on a link opening a dialogue box to send feedback directly to an Adobe inbox the specific page they are viewing.  They could provide any and all details to explain the issue along with including any number of screen shots to demonstrate the issue.  The inbox could be serviced by any Adobe staff specialist with access to the inbox and updated appropriately.
  • The link could also spawn a window in the Adobe Forums or Experience League pages along with some pre-populated data from the page they were viewing.  The feedback would then be posted to a forum page regularly monitored by Adobe staff specialists who could moderate and manage the requests accordingly.


These are just a few ways I believe would provide more updated, relevant and robust documentation for all of us who use your tools on a daily basis.




Jeff Bloomer

Senior Digital Analytics Implementation Specialist


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