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Dashboard works as a template and shows data from different report suites, depending on the user

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We have many report suites, and many users, each of which can see only 1 or 2 report suites. I have access to all the report suites. I need to make a dashboard that I can share with all the users. When each user views the dashboard, it needs to show the data for the report suite that the user has access to. So the dashboard will be a template that is filled in with different data, depending on who is using it. This could be done by each user having a default report suite that will be used automatically in the dashboard, or by letting me assign a report suite for each user that will be used in the dashboard.


The current situation requires me to re-create the dashboard, along with all reportlets, for every single user, using a different report suite each time. Since we could have over 100 report suites and users, this is time consuming and impractical.



Christopher Stanwood


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