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Ideas to improving Fuse

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First I wanted to share that Fuse has wonderful potential for the corporate world. Instead of using cartoon characters on posters we can now make cool 3D life like characters! We would love to move away from Cartoon Programs like Go Animate to creating learning platforms for our company using these 3D Models. I realize that Fuse is in beta but I had thoughts on how to improve such a powerful tool. My post is generally geared for what we would use for in the corporate world that demands quick turn around.


1. Scene Creation: Currently Fuse is limited by using Maximo to generate character animations. It would be great to string animations together to create scenes in a virtual environment. This can be anything from working in an office environment to talking to a coworker. Inclusion of interactive items would also bring a nice added feature.


2. Logo on clothing import: Fuse is great in creating custom clothing from style to colors. I would love a way to import our company logo onto the character clothing creations that does not involve messing with meshes, templates, or Photoshop. The ability to import logos will give fuse more versatility for those who are working on tight corporate deadlines.


3. Quick 3D Background Templates: This would add life to have templates for virtual worlds with out going through crazy extent of trying to build one from scratch or using pictures to make our scenes come alive.


4. Gamification: Creating interactive 3D games for our associates to interact with already built 3D tools. This would create an engaging and informational atmosphere for to comprehend content than just watching videos on a subject.


Here is a sample model I created just toying around with FUSE but would love to see more features expanded upon to help meet some of our corporate needs.


marvel rules.jpg


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