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Segment "save as" locally, not public

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After the question Workspace: How to compare two segments and only adjust one? from frankd55973318 and an input from jen.lasser I really like to have the following option:


Segment "save as" but locally (not public)


today, if I have a segment (either locally or public) and I want to do some minir changes without affecting the orignal one, the only option is to "save as" and create a new public segment. Or I start all over and create a new one to have it locally - just for testing. I want to decide later on if I will need it in the future or not.


Therefore, I'd like to see a way to copy an existing (local or public) segment and the new one is just locally. This can be achieved by some smart "drag and drop" (by pressing "L" while drag and drop - or whatever is best).


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