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Illustrator Wand Tool Extension

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Dear Adobe and people of the Adobe Community,

I don't know if this was mentioned or asked of before, but we need an extension of the wand tool in Adobe Illustrator.  The extension I'm suggesting is a "space-selection" mode for the wand tool.  Here's how it will work:  You point the tool in an enclosed or open space, click, and the tool creates a "vector frame" that shapes itself around any vector objects.  This frame will act just like Photoshop's pixel selection, where you can fill in that frame completely with solid color or a detailed pattern.  Yes you could do this in photoshop, but the lines degrade and it's a hassle to clean up and restore them.  Also, the live paint tool only works if the lines form solid shapes.  Plus, this would be amazing for those who prefer to work with vector art.  Not to mention, this could make so many illustrator users so happy they could recommend it to any other artists (a.k.a. potential buyers of adobe products).  I hope you all vote yes for this idea because it would really help those who prefer vector over pixels.  Thank you all and have a wonderful day.

Sincerely yours,

Noah Wilson


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