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Education - Muse has great potential for teachers, but need....

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One button - quick access:


A. Password protected pages (Data base not needed; just one username - one password;  just hope this can be done by Muse....start of school...Sept 1?)

B. Upload pdf files for access by hyperlink (Am using the workaround through BC -); need one button upload from Muse instead of File Manager in BC.

C. Option - more video file formats


I really need to protect the website contents (Assignment pdf's, photos from class, .swf files of labs) for my students rather than host for the world to see. Am transitioning from _Web; am really enjoying the creative component of Muse and similarities to other Adobe products,  but cannot use until I am able to set name/password for page protection. With A and B in place - so much potential for educators to use.




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