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Add option to disable "Image Preview in Code View" (and fix wrap bug)

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I have been looking all over to disable this new feature because it can be distracting and even annoying. I can see it being handy once in a while, but it needs to have an option to disable it (maybe in the "coding" toolbar near the "line numbers" and "code wrap" toggles.)

There's also this bug: It changes line wrapping. When the URL wraps to a new line, it usually includes the opening double quote, as shown below. When I roll over the image URL, the preview comes up, and the open double quote is sent back to the previous line (i.e., when the preview is displayed the quote doesn't wrap with the URL.) Since the quote is no longer taking room on the wrapped line, the entire line shifts to the left. If by rolling over the URL my intent was to begin a text selection, all of a sudden I begin selecting text in the wrong place. Very frustrating. I am forced to turn line wrapping off so that this doesn't happen. (I am running the latest DW CC 2015 in Windows 7.)



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