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In Browser Editing To Be Possible Without Having To Have A Business Catalyist Account.

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I say this kindly and cheerfully: I really believe that people should be able to do in browser editing for their websites without having to have a Business Catalyst account, and regardless of who they want to host their website with.


If I tell my potential customers that they have to have a BC account in order to access, do, In Browser Editing, they may not want me to make them a website because they may feel like they are being forced to create a Business Catalyst account.


If Adobe did this it would be truly great.

Also, if Adobe wants more people to host their site on BC, they should give anyone who has a website built with Muse a permanent good discount, percent off, for business catalyst.


Giving people several options and doing these things would make more people feel more comfortable having their site designed by me with Adobe Muse. And by offering a discount/percent off, people may very well choose to use BC to host their website.


I believe the Muse Team could do this, so please do this.


Please make a video uploader like I suggested and others suggested in the "post an idea" area.

Please make a blog widget like I asked about and others suggested. Qooqee has a server side blog widget that I like a lot, and think has some pretty good features, and may purchase it to try it out, but I think it needs several things which I emailed them about and am hoping they will add them, but they may not. One thing they need is an rss feed ability or something that can automatically notify readers when a new blog post is available and when their comment has been responded too. Maybe ADobe could purchase the program/software/blog widget from them and work from there and make it even better.

Please make a password a page(s) and/or the entire site.

Please continue working on finishing allow all forms to work outside of BC.


I'm sure if the Muse Team put their mind to it, they could do these things. I believe they can. Make Muse a super website builder, the best non-code website builder, of all.


I hope everyone who reads this has a great day. And I hope the Muse Team has a great day. Thank you for reading this. : )


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