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Accordion Widget & Menu Widgets to Expand upward, to the right or left, and....

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It would be very good if we could be able to select which direction we want the Accordion Widget & Menu Widgets to expand, open, by giving options for different directions within the panels menu. At the very least, it would be very good for us to be able to select whether we want the Accordion and Menu Widgets to open upward, to the left, or to the right, but it would also be great if we could select whether we wanted it to open diagonally upward and the right, diagonally upward and to the left, diagonally downward and to the left, and diagonally downward and to the right too.


And it may be good idea to ad the ability to be able to rotate the content within the widget itself.


I hope all of you have a great day.


Thank you for reading. : )


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