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In-Browser Editing—Image Fills Need to be Editable

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Okay, so I started using Adobe Muse because it's great, easy to use, and makes small websites much easier and affordable for our clients. However, when it comes to edibility, it's got one major problem that is really, really unacceptable.


First of all, ALL of the training videos that I watched prescribe adding images to a site via the use of containers and image fills. They don't tell you that these are not editable to your clients once the site is published. Not until you create an entire website, publish, and then sign into In-Browser editing do you realize that you can't edit a single image. I'm completely speechless and infuriated.


I told our client that they would be able to make the majority of their edits themselves, and this is seriously not the case.


So now, I have to go through the entire site, perfectly resize images, forget about responsivity and all the work I did to ensure their site looked up-to-date, and place images without CONTAINERS?? I'm flabberghasted.


Then, on top of that, I would be allowing our client to log-in to IBE and make changes to arbitrarily sized images with no containers? So now, I have to give them the exact dimensions of each image placed and expect that they will be able to resize their own images (these are restaurant owners by the way who don't have image resizing capabilities, knowledge or software). Because I used containers, and centred the images within the containers, the thought of them adding images to these containers wasn't an issue. Now, every time they need to swap an image, I'm going to have to do it for them to save their website from being completely messed up. They update their events often.


This is less of an IDEA and more of a NEED TO HAVE for usable in-browser editing.

Please, please, please, update this on the next release.


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