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Basic accordion menu function missing in Muse

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Muse Issue:

I have been trying to make a mobile hamburger menu where the target collapses once user clicks on the menu item. Since the link is to an anchor on same page, the content scrolls to that position, but remains covered by the expanded target panel, so user can't see content underneath.


After countless calls to tech support, screen sharing sessions and review of my file, I was finally told that Muse does not support this function!  Assuming that Adobe knows full well the capabilities and limitations of their product, it was frustrating to hear this more than two weeks AFTER my initial complaint.


Last but not least, I find hard to understand how this most basic and necessary function is not part of any menu widget in Muse. This is common in many websites and should be , as a default, part of a web design app. Others in the Adobe forum have also complained about this missing feature (some dating back to 2015!!).


I have been an Adobe user since 1992 and have great respect for the company and it's products. If Adobe really cares about it's loyal customers, then it should address this issue ASAP.


Thank you,

Jesús Garcia

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