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Update function for 3rd party widgets

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Hi everybody.


I have the problem that if there is a new updated version of a third party widget I am using on a website, I have to manually remove the outdated widget from the canvas and replace it by the new updated version inluding to reenter all parameters for that widget. Which is a might be a lot of work.


It would be a great feature for future versions of Muse to implement any managing function for widgets. Or at least a replacement function like:


- Marking the old widget, marking the new one, click replace.

- ask for adopting old parameters or entering new ones.

- When adopting the old parameters, the new version requires the user to enter any additional parameters which are necessary for new features.


This problem can be divided into different partial solutions. Solving any single of them would be an advancement.


1. Replacing the widget refering to the different positioning and size on the canvas at all breakpoints.

2. Importing the setting of the old version into the new version.

3. Programming solution for 3rd party developer to implement a query form for users to enter new and/or changes parameters


I hope i can help with this to improve our loved Muse ;-)





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