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That obnoxious "some files are missing" dialog

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Could a feature be added with a check box when exporting html to disable this dialog?



I understand why this dialog exists, to keep things clear for novice users and avoid all of the unnecessary support from such users when they don't update all files on the server and errors occur. However, this dialog also can throw false negatives and so limits what can be done with Muse for advanced users and there are many complaints about it. If an advanced user wants to add custom code to the exported files, they don't want to do this every time they export. Sometimes they might have to if a new version comes out and the code structure changes, but there are cases where even this doesn't matter, and they should be free either way to manage this themselves.


If there were a check box that was checked by default to allow error dialogs, novice users would get the dialog, and advanced users could turn it off and manage their own problems, if they have any.




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