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Widget Request: Hybrid of State Button & Trigger Widgets

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Currently, the Featured News, Tabbed Panel, & Accordion widgets are built with the text as a "label". The "label" is sort of like a trigger that also allows the text formatting to change (font style, color, size, etc). It does not allow for the different states to have unique text per state. You also can't switch bullets states or add icons like with a state button, which would be a nice feature. I'm aware we can fill with a custom made image, that's an option that has been dutifuly covered already in the forums here: Changing text labels for different states in accordion widget


Put simply, something as powerful as a state button nestled within the trigger for these expansion-style widgets (Featured News, Tabbed Panel, & Accordion Widgets)  would be preferred for editing than the alternative of filling with a custom image.


The ultimate goal, in my case, would be the ability to create a menu with +/- symbols to indicate expansion/collapse, and maybe allow for some icons as well.  If there is currently a third party widget that can replicate this request, it would be appreciated and well received.


Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 11.53.03 AM.png


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