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Provide for different date formats than MM/DD/YYYY only

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I have been working with SiteCatalyst for a few years now. One thing that has annoyed me from the start was the date format in any date selector field being MM/DD/YYYY and apparently no way to change this.


As a European, I am used to the format DD/MM/YYYY. I still find it hard to think MM/DD and I sometimes still get it wrong.


Given that Omniture is expanding its Customer base in Europe, I think it would be about time now to enable users to select the date in the format they are most used to. One way could be to base the date format on the user's language. Although that way you would need to feature an English (UK) version since in the UK it's common to use the European format. Another way would be to pre-select the date format based on the company's location and enable the user or the admin to change the default setting any time to the user's preferred date format.


I hope this request can be considered for one of the upcoming releases.

Kind regards...Jean-Marc


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