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Change 'Mobile Device' dimension to 'Device' dimension and include desktop

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In a project I am working on the client would like to quickly identify data related to the mobile devices and data related to desktop traffic. The mobile section reports are mostly focused on the mobiles, while the traffic source section reports are related to the network traffic data and not to the devices.

Currently the client is using the out of the box 'device type' report (see here for details).
The client has a concern with the report settings:

  • 'other' label used for all the non-mobile devices is felt as misleading ('other what? other mobiles? other devices?'), while 'media player' and 'gaming console' are barely populated.
  • it seems not to be possible to classify the 'device type' variable (it would be great to create 'mobile' vs 'non-mobile' classification).

I think that a more flexible device type report can really help our clients in obtaining useful insights.


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