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Analysis Workspace: Multiple visualizations, lock selected positions, same source table

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When one locks a visualization to "selected positions" in a table, a copy of the table is created in the background and the visualization no longer treats the origin table as the source.


I can understand this bahaviour for "locking items" but not for "locking positions".


The problem this creates is that if I am exposing the table to the end user and they interact with the table (e.g. filtering it) I cannot automatically make related visualizations reflect the new table state.


This is because each visualization has it's own seperate copy of the table as it data source.  The end user then needs to have access to all the underlying tables if they want to get the visualizations to change - which is messy.


When locking positions please can you consider letting multiple visualizations use the same master table as the source (rather than copies of the table)?


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