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Global Instances and Event Instances available in Calculated Metrics Builder

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I would love to have a global Instances metric (as the global Visit metric) or Event Instances metrics available in Calculated Metrics Builder.


Here is the business case I would like to share:


For our customer, we would like to calculate average values for some events. For example, we set the NUMERIC event “Deposit Amount (EUR)”, but no additional eVar (since there are only 100 eVars available) and no additional counter event.


Please see below an example on how “Deposit Amount (EUR)” is calculated for July 12:

  • User 1: Deposit Amount = 100 EUR
  • User 2: Deposit Amount = 200 EUR
  • User 3: Deposit Amount = 300 EUR

For July 12, the event “Deposit Amount (EUR)” would show 600. Consequently, I would require the Event Instances (in this case 3 Instances) for the metric Deposit Amount (EUR) in order to be able to calculate the average. I would like to use the following calculation:

  • Deposit Amount = Deposit Amount (EUR) / Deposit Amount (EUR) Instances

Unfortunately, the “Deposit Amount (EUR) Instances” metric is currently not available for events.


Another possibility to calculate the instances would be to apply a segment on a global Instances metric (hit-based segment, “Deposit Amount (EUR)” exists). But neither the global Instances metric is available.


The available calculation “mean” would not solve the problem either.


Are there any plans to add such metrics to the Calculated Metrics Builder? This would be highly appreciated.


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