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subdomain report

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Economist Online would like to see a sub domain report in SiteCatalyst.


Tracking traffic from bloggers is difficult in the interface.  There are two sets of domain reporting, referring domain which is too broad and referrer which is too granular.


For example to know that the following bloggers contributed traffic to you site;,,,,,,


You would need to pull all of the referrers a DataWarehouse report a time consuming effort.  You have to pull a few domains at a time as a pull off all referrers for a month will results in a file to large to be opened in Excelit will be too large to open in excel.  You cannot use the Site Catalyst interface as near the end of the month it will exceed the number of items it can store.


Once you have the data you have to take those DataWarehouse reports and sort them in a pivot table.  A subdomain report would solve this issue.


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