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Custom alert trigger time

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The new alert component is a wonderful and powerful tool when it comes to defining alerts for very specific segments and metrics.

Though it is still very inflexible in terms of time to trigger the alert. I'll explain the use case:


Every night we've got a process to classify the a spefic custom variable X in classification XY via FTP upload, which takes a couple of hours and the classified values are usually available after 7am. Though from time to time this process takes longer than usual (1-2 days) and there are values missing in reports. Sometimes it's obvious for the users, sometimes not, and I'd like to alert them, if this is the case.

So I decided to setup alerts with a segment "custom var X exists and classification XY doesn't exist". The problem I am having is that the alerts are triggered straight after midnight, before the classification can take place.

If the time to trigger alerts could be chosen, it would solve my issue


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