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'Read' View for Text Visualisations containing links

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I've been using the new Workspace feature of 'Intra-Linking to Panels and Visualizations Help' in conjunction with the Text Visualisation which is a great idea. However I also have some suggestions!


If feel that the Text visualisation should default to 'Read' view so that when links are clicked it doesn’t go into edit mode. Currently if I have a list of links in a Text visualisation and I click one and I then want to click on another, the Text box has gone to edit mode and I have to exit edit by clicking the 'tick' icon before I can continue clicking links.


If I click on the next link before I've exited the edit mode it goes into the edit link options. You then must click the link again to go to the next visualisation/panel. This adds extra clicks and is quite a messy experience. The ‘Tick’ and ‘Cross’ icons are also not very obvious down in the bottom right hand corner while you are editing text in the top left. This would be a particular problem if you had a long list of links and the Text visualisation was quite big.


To edit the Text visualisation I would assume there would be a pencil icon in the top right, or a 'visualisation settings' Cog icon like there are on other visualisations.


Alternatively it could default to read view if the workspace is shared with a standard user or curated so that it is more geared towards the links being clicked rather than edited? As a key use case of workspace is to share projects with other users, who will be clicking the links to use them as links rather than to edit the text.


I also think it would be useful to have a ‘Back to Glossary’ type sticky button that follows you and returns you to the text visualisation containing the last link you clicked, as workspaces can easily start to get big and constantly scrolling back up to the top to click the next link was getting time consuming.





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