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Better Usage Logging-allow Admins to show value of Workspace usage at their company

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The primary measurement we use at USAA to measure the success of Adobe Analytics is tool employee usage. Currently, the usage logs in the admin tool are good, but taking the data out makes it almost unusable. Plus, we are almost entirely Workspace users now and it does not appear that Workspace has the same level of logging as Reports. It requires hours and hours of work to massage the data into something I can report to my executive leadership on the success of Adobe Analytics, if it can even be done.


Would anyone else out there in the community be interested in having Adobe create an easier way to put together usage stats? I was thinking it would be fantastic if I could do this type of analysis in Workspace! I'd love to see a trend over time of Workspaces created, shared, logins, new users added, etc.


I'm imagining a way to drag and drop events like logins and sharing reports, dimensions like user ID (first name, last name, email, login ID). Segments would be great. We like to group employees together by the area of the company they work in for example Fraud, Digital Operations, Command Center, Underwriting, etc.BenjaminGainesAdobe Analytics@


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