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More relevant Alerts (3-hourly/6-hourly Alerts, Alerts only if HIGHER or LOWER plus Significance)

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We are heavy Alert Users.


The challenge: We want *relevant alerts*. Adobe's Anomaly detection system is ok, but 95% of the *Hourly Alerts* it spits out are completely irrelevant as traffic simply oscillates too much from one hour to the next, AND because Adobe seems to take only the last 24 hours into account when looking for Anomalies. So we had to deactivate all our Hourly Alerts.


1. However, Daily Alerts are too late for something really critical, so Adobe needs to either improve the Hourly Alert logic, or offer something in between, like _3-hour-periods or 6-hour-periods_ which don't jump up and down all the time like hourly data.


2. Alerts should be configurable to fire only "only if a value is _HIGHER/LOWER_ than expected" (and a certain Significance Level. We don't care so much if the Conversion Rate of Google Shopping is greater than expected, we want to be ALERTED when it goes DOWN because then we have to take immediate action.


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