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    Reporting a BUG. CC 2018 Brushes.

    travisl93802986 Level 1

      Greetings. I came across this bug today. Just wanted to share as its a slightly annoying one for the awesome brush foldering update. Which thank god you guys finally put out! Anyways here is whats happening. As you can see in the image. 1. This Displays how the brush should look when pressure sensitivity applies and this is how it did look in my "Simple Shapes" folder. But as I was creating a couple more simple shape brushes. I realized the pressure sensitivity display turned off. When i click the brush like 2. You can see (Sometimes it goes back and forth with displaying and not) That the image is pressure sensitive. 3 is just another example of a brush I even named pressure and it doesn't display it.


      Hope you can figure it out for next update.