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    Editing the same photos in LR CC & LR Classic


      I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I've seen similar questions but still don't understand if this would work..


      If I have photos in LR Classic is there a way I can use CC to edit them on a different device and the changes I make in CC show up in Classic?


      I'm waiting take advantage of free time I have outside of my home to edit photos when I don't have access to my desktop (mac). Would I need to change my workflow and cull with photo mechanic, import to cc (for cropping and minor changes) and then import to Classic for final edits?


      Thank you!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is actually a way to do that in Lightroom Classic CC without using the new Lightroom CC. In Lightroom Classic CC, just create a collection for the images that you want to edit on the other device, and share that collection. This will make that collection of images available on Lightroom Mobile, although they will only be smart previews. Then you can open that collection on the other device, and any adjustments that you make will update the full images the next time Lightroom is activated on that computer.


          I have tried using the new Lightroom CC to update images. But my experience has been that those changes have not  affected the images in Lightroom Classic CC. But I must make it clear that I have only done preliminary testing in that regard.