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    Guides not working properly

    Ruidoso Bill

      I have Lightroom 6, Version 6.12 and Photoshop CS6. Version 13.0.1  I frequently export images as layers into PS. After blending and Merging I do some straightening. I have Rulers open and I drag vertical guides over the image. If I drag to the first 10-20% (left edge) of the image the guide stays everytime, however if I go past the 50% and move towards the right edge of the image, the vertical guide just disappears. If I use the "Move" tool, I can drag a guide just fine to the right edge. Also if I drag and release a guide to the right side and do it several (4 or 5) or more times it will stay. Really frustrates my workflow since I shoot mostly real estate and do around 1,000 images a week. Also I am having issues with an action I created to "Auto Align" images, sometimes it works, sometimes it does and just hangs at about 30% progress, when it does that If I go to edit and select auto align it always works but slows me down.


      I am beginning to think I'll need to go to CC but would be really upset if it does the same thing.


      This is on a Windows 10 Machine.