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    Corrupt XML in database

    Norbertinissimo Level 1

      Hi there,

      I have a muse-file which suffers from a "corrupt XML in database record U22390" and am no longer able to work on the file.


      What i did before it went corrupt: I’ve updated a file created with Muse CC 2015 using Muse CC 2017. Shortly after that i tried a new update using Muse CC 2018. The update consisted of adding a project page with new text and slide show. The first time i’ve got the message of the file being corrupt was when trying to preview the site in the browser.

      After that i haven’t been able to work in the file. Is there a way i can resolve  this myself?

      Thanks in advance for your answer


      iMac - MacOsx High Sierra

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          Muse 2015 and Muse 2018 are night and day... I would keep the 2015 active until I rebuild the site (from ground up) in 2018

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            Norbertinissimo Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. I could do that of course, but i was hoping - well, expecting actually - project files could migrate safely from version to version, as i do for many years already with Indesign for instance.

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              Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

              I don't use Indesign mate... when was the last time Adobe made a major change to it?

              best of luck

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                Norbertinissimo Level 1

                Someone signalizes this thread as resolved but that's definitely not the case. Although Muse made large steps forward in development, it seems Adobe forgot to point out it can corrupt old files. If i'm mistaking i'd be eager to hear about it.

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                  Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

                  I never heard, that a newer version of Muse corrupts the database of an older .muse file.

                  What makes you sure, that Muse is the culprit? Every system hiccup, every voltage fluctuation, every tiny hard disc/SSD error or damage, every network glitch can cause such an error. You never had a Word file, a PDF, a JPG, which – although working fine the other day – suddenly can’t be opened any more?

                  And: If(!) Muse is the culprit: Why do you assume, that the reason is the conversion of an older file? May be, this would have happened to a newly created file too due to thousands of intern and extern issues.

                  This is one reason for making backups. Did you try to open a backup file? (But it sounds, you don’t have one, correct?)


                  By the way: I have some old (originally created with version 1 of Muse) and really large .muse files 250+ MB with literally thousands of images and never encountered such a problem. But, I know, unfortunately this doesn’t help you)

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                    Norbertinissimo Level 1

                    I'm not sure, and i didn't say i was. The so called 'correct answer' suggests that i should've stayed at my  CC2015 version while working on that project and thus implying the newer versions aren't to be trusted, right? And again: i didn't push the approve button on that answer, someone else did - presumably a moderator from Adobe. And that's what rose my doubts.

                    And i'm to familiar with corrupted files, and common sense tells me my file is probably already corrupted (as is my back up file...) by one of the glitches as you described, but the way things went in this thread seem off to me.

                    Thanks anyway for replying and no, it din't help resolve anything. Cheers.

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                      Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

                      yes and no... it implies that you should make backups when jumping a site from Muse 2015 to Muse 2018 but you really should make backups anyway. I also have old 2015 and 2017 sites that don't need to be updated because imo the 2018 wouldn't add any thing useful to them but new sites will be made in the new version


                      p.s, yes Adobe staff maked it correct, which I assume means they feel the best possible answer was given.

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                        Norbertinissimo Level 1

                        Ok, all clear. Thanks for getting involved. Over and out.