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    Slides or Elements of slides missing

      Hi -- I'm VERY FRUSTRATED! I've been using Captivate for years now --- I just upgraded my machine to a top of the line model running Vista. Because of this, I'm using the trial version of Captivate 3 (my old-reliable Captivate 1 doesn't record audio with Vista).

      Anyways, I have quite a simple project that I thought would only take a few hours --- going on 2 weeks now! I finally finished the project and went to preview it ---- whole slides or elements of the slides are simply missing -- white screen. On those slides that have audio, I can hear the audio, just can't see what I want to see on screen.

      What makes it frustrating is that in "storyboard" mode, everything looks perfect. For this project, I needed to work in that mode. When I move to "edit" mode, the slides have the elements missing just like when published. As an additional frustration, often in "edit" mode, the preview doesn't show the slide I have selected, but often the next slide. This makes it hard to replace the slides I would like to.

      Can anyone help? My client is irritated it's taking so long!