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    Sony A7rIII Camera raw Supoort availability?

    Slavetonone Level 1

      Can you give some kind of time estimate on when the next Camera Raw update will be released that includes support for the Sony A7rIII?


      I have contacted support and searched the net and it seems everyone is waiting for this, but there has not been a response from Adobe other than it will come when it comes.


      This is not helpful for professional photographers that have thousands of images piling up.


      Our only options at this point is to purchase competitors products that do support this camera like Capture One or manually edited our files to look like a different camera before Lightroom can recognize it...


      I know you have to receive this from Sony so you can work on this and find it hard to believe that you haven’t and if haven't would hope you are pushing hard to get it and not just waiting.


      Either way an update of some kind would be nice.  Something like ”we have no estimate as Sony has yet to release what we need to build it”, or will be available soon, by Q1 2018, by 2018, by 2020, something.


      I rarely post anything like this, but I am loosing money and have a extremelu large growing backlog all because of this issue.