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    Fonts in Adobe Sign


      When I setup my document template in Adobe Sign, I have several fields that need to be completed. When I insert the text fields within the document, there is a capability to change the font to one of 6 choices and to change the point size. I use Auto for the point since in most of the fields, because, the data within the field can be of any length. The issue I have is that the font ends up being very small and offset in the text fields (see attached). I have tried using higher point sizes and then the font is too big.


      What would be a workaround for having the font in the text fields match the font in my document? My document is Arial 10 pt.


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          SimonATS Adobe Employee

          there's no real workaround here. Perhaps the best thing to do is to fix the point size to 10 and limit the number of characters one can enter.


          Though for such text to look the best, you'd need to add these values in the source document and upload that instead if possible.