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    Photoshop - changing color

    clarissad92454039 Level 1

      What's the best way to change the color of an object without losing values in photoshop?


      The hue doesnt target the color i want but still want to keep the hue like effect with the underlying values

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          clarissad92454039 Level 1

          Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 2.47.16 PM.png

          The hue doesn’t target the color i want - Turquoise, but still want to keep the hue like effect with the underlying values.


          All the other masking options take away the value like the photo above

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional


            it depends on the underlying layer brightness.  Try a Hue and Saturation adjustment layer - set to colorize.



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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Don't forget that different hues have different inherent lightness. Yellow is bright, blue is dark.


              So if you just change hue and leave tonality as it is, it will look artificial and unnatural. You'll have to work on both simultaneously. The whole contrast range is affected.


              Also keep in mind that as you approach black or white, saturation naturally tends to decrease.

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                norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If the turquoise you displayed is the turquoise you want, you may consider the following suggestion:

                As you see from the image below, your selection could be better than it currently is.

                Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 12.58.49 PM.png

                I suggest that you now change the Mode to Lab Color, drag the  a  channel down to the Create New Channel symbol to create:  a copy. Use that to create your mask. (You will use it rather than the current Layer 1)

                Then, in the Layers panel, dupe Layer 0 and apply the mask.

                Next, choose the Lightness channel, go to Curves and bend the curve at a few points to create the degree of local tone separation (tonal modeling) you want without affecting the hue, only its local lightness.

                Then. return to RGB