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    Layer disappeared from timeline

    andy-mario Level 1

      I'm creating some banners with Edge Animate for the first time.


      I started with the biggest one, now I need to create some more downscaled versions.
      Clearly the easiest and fastes way is to duplicate the edge project and modify the layers size position etc...


      Duplicating the project folder and changing the file name didn't work for me (gave error "edge can't read the html file"), so I managed to do it with "save as" and changing the "project1.an" name to a new one in a clean folder. When opened, Edge creates all the assets referencing the new name.


      Everything  ok until here, but then I noticed that the top layer "link" (it was a hidden clickable div with the banner link) has disappeared from timeline, but it's still present in the "elements" tab.

      The link was still working, then after a couple of cmd+return it disappeared also from the stage.
      I created a new rectangular div with the tool, but the new one is also not present in the timeline but only in the "elements" tab.


      Now I'm worried that this could cause problems on publishing or future edits. Am I doing something wrong?


      Thanks for your help.