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    undo apply background globally


      Lightroom5, book module.  200 pages.  I had carefully chosen unique backgrounds and color overlays for most pages, and accidentally hit "apply background globally" without realizing it.  Even though I deselected it, I now have 1 background under all of my images:(  It took me a while to understand what happened, and I hit undo many times but I must have hit the max so it didn't work.  Can I get them back without going back to my last "archive" from about 3 hours of work ago?

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          screennamelauren Level 1

          Okay I have looked for a little while on how to "revert" but don't see it.  I typed it in the help menu but there are no results.  I see a lot of problems with revert in the community, but I don't see the basics on how to perform it.  I am willing to throw out hours of work to get the backgrounds back again using the revert feature since no one responded to my original post.  Any ideas?

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            screennamelauren Level 1

            Unbelievably this same issue happened again with another 240 page book.  I accidentally hit apply background globally, worked on the cover for a while, and returned only to see that all 240 backgrounds were identical, and when I deselected the box, it did not have my old backgrounds there.  I hit undo many times but I think I needed just a few more to get back to the old backgrounds.  I would be willing to go back to the version when I closed it 3 hours of work prior, but when I closed it, I didn't back it up (it prompts for a week and it hadn't been).  Is there anything to be done?!

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              I too had similar problems when making the same mistake.

              Unfortunately everything you do to the book design happens in 'real time' immediately, and only an immediate "undo"  [Ctrl/Cmd + Z] will take you back. Obviously you are trying to go back with multiple undos-fraught with problems.

              Trying to restore from a backup catalog unfortunately returns 'everything' in the catalog to the time when the backup was made. ("Everything" includes, importing, editing, keywording, etc, etc....) so this is not ideal.


              My resolve of these type of issues is to frequently make a duplicate of the [Saved Book Collection] in the collections panel.

              This way I always have a Book Collection "Copy" (or multiple copies)  to restore to. When I have too many copies of the Book collection I delete them from the Collections panel.

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