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    Where are the proper presets or global edit settings on Lightroom Mobile?

    Kastphoto Level 1

      Is there not some simple way to copy settings of one photo to the rest of the album? No global controls?  Something as simple as changing all photos white balance at once, or sharpness or vignette?  One photo at a time?  Roflmao. Seriously do you know how long that takes on hundreds and thousands of photos?


      um, so it lets you copy and paste settings to each photo individually but not all at once?  and It also lets you use the settings from last photo to next.  So All the coding is done there, it’s a simple button and variable to allow you to paste settings to all photos or a group of photos but no?  Come on adobe, really?  Did anyone test fly this thing? Lol


      And dont get me started on presets, and why we can’t create our own.  < FACEPALM > Wow imagine that. And if we could do that, well then we might also be able to simply import our photos with a preset and save a ton of time.   But well then that would just be too damn convenient huh?