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    Keeping a graphical running score

    neilbal Level 1
      I have to make an educational Flash movie as part of my MA - however I only picked up Flash about a month ago and still find ActionScript very difficult. I want to know if this is possible and maybe get a pointer as to how to do it.

      Basically I want a thermometer to indicate the rate of frustration of a waiter in a restaurant simulation. Annoy him too much by choosing the wrong answer (i.e. wrong language) and it goes up. Answer politely, it goes down. Hit the top of the thermometer and his head blows up (or he walks off or something). Get to the end without annoying the waiter to this extent and you are rewarded with your meal.

      I have a thermometer, it's a movie clip with five frames showing five states, 0=low (calm), 4=high (head blow off time). The user starts off on 0. I presume I would need a variable: vexscore = 0
      In the first set of user options, when the user clicks A (very wrong) the thermometer would go up 2 steps. If it's B then up 1, so vexscore = 2 or 1
      I'm sure this bit is possible (although would I need a graphic and not a MC as I can't see how I can link to individual frames of the movie clip to show the graphical increase).
      Then on the next user choice, the thermometer starts where it left off. This is the bit that is stumping me. I've seen _root to keep something going through the whole movie. Would it be something similar here?
      This time, a correct answer reduces the thermometer, wrong raises it etc etc

      With me?

      What I want to know is, is this possible? If yes, and I presume it is, could someone give me a pointer?

      Files are at http://www.neilballantyne.net/MA/EDE...vironment.html

      Many thanks,

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          yes, it's possible.

          put your thermometer on-stage and give it an instance name (say, vexMeterMC) and put a stop() in the first frame of your thermometer movieclip. you can use the instance name to direct your thermometer to any of its frames: